I have been asked many times how I figure out how to dress as I do. I take my cue from several blogs (see pane right, “Style Corner”) and from a doula known as Alan Flusser, as well as a few others. Recently, I was involved in a discussion with some professors on hats. People wonder why I would wear them. Pending the time of year, I wear the hat that fits the season. At any rate, the photo above is a nice depiction of wearing a hat to match the suit (though it is an odd jacket suit). I call these hats “driver’s hats.” Above in the cap, Luciano Barbera.

In the photo, there is a compliment–of both the man and the woman–to their human form, and an elegant style ensemble. This is what we call timelessness of dress. Examples such as this assist us in creating our own wardrobe.

h/t Suitable Wardrobe.