When I saw this picture I thought to my self, “hey I know that place.”  As I suspected, this is the great Hanalei Bay parking lot.  Hanalei has several nice reef breaks (Impossibles is one of the suicidal breaks).  I usually hang out in the bay and surf the rare sand bar break on my longboard.

At any rate, Hanalei seems to have a shark problem.  In the pic to the right, this guy got away, but not his board.

But check out this story, after he was attacked, he hung out in the water with the shark for another hour!

Jim Rawlinson, 68, a carpenter from Anahola, was back in the Hanalei Bay waves Tuesday, and expecting to rip again today, even after a shark took a bite out of his board there Monday afternoon.

In fact, he continued to surf for at least an hour after the attack, which had him ending up on the back of the shark that bit his board, he said Tuesday morning.

When the shark hit his board, the board went up in the air, Rawlinson went into the water, and ended up smack on the back of the tiger shark, riding the shark like a cowboy rides a horse for around 10 seconds, he said.