A new Quinnipiac poll was released today, and it has no good news for the party in power in DC–nor for that matter the Republicans.  It seems to signal an anti-incumbent mood in the country.

Some of the numbers:

Obama Job Approval
45% Approve, 45% Disapprove (chart)
Dems: 81 / 12 (chart)
Reps: 16 / 74 (chart)
inds: 42 / 48 (chart)
Economy: 41 / 54 (chart)
Foreign Policy: 45 / 46 (chart)
Health Care: 35 / 58 (chart)
Afghanistan: 45 / 45
Creating Jobs: 34 / 59
Terrorism: 48 / 44

Job Approval / Disapproval
Dems in Congress: 32 / 59
Reps in Congress: 32 / 58

State of the Country
27% Satisfied, 72% Dissatisfied (chart)

Do you think Barack Obama’s first year as President has been mainly a success or mainly a failure?
45% Success, 45% Failure

Do you think Barack Obama has been a better President than George W. Bush, worse, or about the same as President Bush?
43% Better, 30% Worse, 23% Same

In the Presidential election of 2008, if John McCain had become President instead of Barack Obama, do you think that, in general, the nation would be better off than it is today or worse off than it is today?
35% Better, 37% Worse, 17% Same

Would you say that Barack Obama – shares your views on issues that you care about or not?
46% Yes, 50% No

Do you think that the policies of President Barack Obama make the United States a safer place than the policies of former President George W. Bush, less safe, or about as safe as the policies of former President Bush?
24% Safer, 35% Less safe, 38% Same

The Quinnipiac take has more encouraging words for Obama.  He’s liked personally, but his policies are increasingly becoming unpopular.  This could be a big boon for the Republicans, but Republican candidates need to offer clear alternatives.  So far, they haven’t really articulated anything as a party (in general).  With a clear super majority being dissatisfied with the country’s direction gives challengers to incumbents an opportunity.

One thing about the poll in terms of tempering the results:  it is a registered voters.  This poll would have carried more election transferability gravitas, if it was a survey of likely voters.  Regardless, the people in general are not happy with Washington.