Mass Race Drudge

Last night, Massachusetts had its final senate debate before Tuesday’s special election.  Talking Points Memo and Weekly Standard have some thoughts.  Drudge captures some of the theme of the debate last night.

I watched some of the debate last night on C-span.  Brown and Coakley basically ignored Kennedy (really a libertarian though he’s running as an Independent), and sparred with one another. Coakley seemed to be on the attack all night, while Brown certainly attacked, but not in a prosecutorial way.

I am not sure how it all plays in the electorate.  An an outsider to the state, I thought Coakley’s constant attack and interruptions of Brown played badly–like she’s worried she’s going to lose.  But, it does not necessarily mean that Coakley is behind, only that it appeared to me to be that way. At any rate, we are one week away from knowing.

Watch the debate here.

Update:  It looks like the Democrats have now had to spend 6 figures in a race that should have been a lock for their party.  In some ways, even if Coakley wins, the Republicans have won something of a victory because Democrats have had to spend unexpected resources on a campaign they should have spent so much money on.  That means they’ll have less money to throw around in November.

Coakley committed an error today by running an ad that misspelled her own state. Yikes!  A minor, but politically big, mistake to be sure, but it may make the voters turn more to Brown if they think she’s not “one of us.”

Ad that shows the Coakley campaign mispelling

Ad that shows the Coakley campaign mispelling