The WSJ reports today that students in Iran are being targeted if they express a political opinion that is not approved by the government.  Snip:

Students accepted to public universities (which are generally better and more competitive than private schools) were screened for moral behavior and for loyalty to Islam and the new regime. Still, the practice, known as gozinesh, didn’t ban individuals. Applicants could reapply again and again.

Gozinesh ended in 1997 when new leadership came to power and rolled back some social restrictions. Today, activists blame Mr. Ahmadinejad not only for resurrecting the screening process but also for adding an element of punishment by imposing the lifetime education ban on star students.

For those frozen out of the university (and we are talking here the best and brightest of Iran) their education is at an end.   What they do to further their prospects is unknown, outside of escaping to a western country where they would be gladly educated.