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Not sure how big a story this is, but if true, more countries (Russia in this case) are backing away from the “science” behind global warming.

Meanwhile, one of the leading skeptics (who actually is not all that skeptical about warming), Bjorn Lomborg, claims what most warming alarmists want is untenable:

As I write this in the Bella Center in Copenhagen, I am surrounded by delegates, politicians and activists engaged in negotiating a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. Almost every one of them is singing from the same hymn-book: The world’s nations must commit themselves to drastic, immediate carbon cuts if we are to avoid the worst of global warming.

The tune may be seductive, but the lyrics don’t make any sense. Even if every major government were to slap huge taxes on carbon fuels—which is not going to happen—it wouldn’t do much to halt climate change any time soon. What it would do is cost us hundreds of billions—if not trillions—of dollars, because alternative energy technologies are not yet ready to take up the slack.

Update:  The British Climatologists purposely left out Siberian temps?  [updated from the original news story I linked earlier].