The Week: Links that Caught our Eye



  • First up, Trump’s Twitter from Sunday february 18. It is worth another post:

So just to clarify – yes, the CIA chief admitted that Democracy-spreading ‘Murica meddled in the Democratic elections of other nations “in the interests of democracy.” “

  • And the entire oped:  What to bring to a Gun Fight where the author argues we need gun confiscation like in Australia:  “A national gun buyback program similar to the one Australia instituted after a mass shooting that killed 35 people. That incident was in 1996. There hasn’t been another one since…”

Attkisson, who has studied the manipulative moneyed interests behind the media industry, said that “few themes arise in our environment organically.” She noted that she always found it helpful to “follow the money.”

“What if the whole anti-fake news campaign was an effort on somebody’s part to keep us from seeing or believing certain websites and stories by controversializing them or labeling them as fake news?” Attkisson posited.

Digging deeper, she discovered that Google was one of the big donors behind First Draft’s “fake news” messaging. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, was run by Eric Schmidt, who happened to be a huge Hillary Clinton supporter.

Schmidt “offered himself up as a campaign adviser and became a top multi-million donor to it. His company funded First Draft around the start of the election cycle,” Attkisson said. “Not surprisingly, Hillary was soon to jump aboard the anti-fake news train and her surrogate David Brock of Media Matters privately told donors he was the one who convinced Facebook to join the effort.”

Attkisson declared that “the whole thing smacked of the roll-out of a propaganda campaign.” Attkisson added, “But something happened that nobody expected. The anti-fake news campaign backfired. Each time advocates cried fake news, Donald Trump called them ‘fake news’ until he’d co-opted the term so completely that even those who [were] originally promoting it started running from it — including the Washington Post,” which she noted later backed away from using the term.

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CNN’s ‘Town Hall’ Lie


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As gun control confiscation hysteria sweeps the left (and the Democrat party), we find them not really interested in solving the problem and protecting the kids.  It seems the furthest thing from consideration:

Is CBS News seriously unaware that you have to pass a federal background check to buy a gun? Unlike cold medicine? I assume they do know better, and are just lying to promote their agenda.

So politics is at play, and the midterms are at play here even though schools shootings are not the new normal.  They’d love gun confiscation of they could get it, but, the inability to speak from anything but emotion is a plan for voter turnout when a party has no platform.  They are, then, being dishonest with us about their intent:

A big part of the problem is that gun-control advocates have a singular obsession with guns — especially, a particular style of gun — and very little concern for proper enforcement or warnings systems or cultural trends that have led to mass shootings or mental health risks or how we cover these shootings. This rejection of holistic solutions exemplifies their real intentions and makes Second Amendment advocates rightfully suspicious.

The media is playing along despite the fact that most deaths are not by firearms–it’s knives.

At the embarrassing (for CNN) townhall, Jake Tapper, and cast displayed and fanned what can only be called emotional irrationality.  There was no discussion.  It was a rally to shame the participants. In fact, what CNN did was sponsor and support a political rally.  They were not after answers, or dialogue, or dispassionate discussion.  they wanted ratings.  Both Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch were there to be flogged, and accused, and slandered. Loesch, in fact, had to have an armed security detail escort her from the event.  Tapper approved of all of this by his silences.  It is such a disgrace, that calling CNN a news organization anymore is laughable, especially since there is an accusation that it was a scripted event.  The accuser is entirely credible.  CNN?  Not so much.

CNN’s denial of this is unbelievable:

In the defense, CNN claims they have never scripted an event.

Oh Really?  In other words, CNN is caught in another lie.  They have knowingly scripted events for politicians they like and don’t like.  That’s not news; that’s propaganda.

In the end, the Democrats and the media may not find November will turn out the way they think.  It is possible, though not guaranteed, the people may find all this a bit much and lacking in substance.

Doing the same old thing, and passing more stringent laws has never worked.  Arming the schools just may.

It’s worked for Israel.

Mueller’s Poor Track Record and Misconduct


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According to this report from Newsweek (I know not the most august magazine) but he does not have an honorable track record:

Mueller was also criticized for his time as head of the FBI. He led the investigation into the deadly anthrax attacks in the years after 9/11 for nearly seven years, ultimately leading in the prosecution of the wrong suspect, who later successfully sued the government for $5.8 million.

After agents successfully traced back the anthrax to an Army microbiologist who committed suicide once he was informed of the impending charges, Mueller “was reluctant to publicly address the missteps” in the case.

John Kasich Attempts to Scrub Past of 2nd Amendment Statements



This development is perhaps important given he ma well be challenging Trump for the nomination.

According to the Daily Caller, Kasich is pledging this:

Jon Keeling, a spokesman for Kasich, said sunday that the Ohio governor is going to talk to a group of “interested parties on both sides” to brainstorm new gun safety laws.

In other words, Kasich is going to try to limit access to guns and try to pass new gun laws.  This is pandering at its worst after an evil event.  He has no intent on protecting the rights of gun owners, or even the 2nd Amendment, rather his aim is to pass more laws, which means he’s excluding certain people from the remedy of the problem.  Nice.  Nevertheless, he wants to restrict access to guns, which will only burden the law abiding.


Trump’s Twitter Post Today


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It would be even more plausible would it not for the Democrats to KNOW they are assisting Russia while distracting the public from their end game by blaming Trump for colluding with Russia.  This would provide the Democrats with the cover they desire to distance themselves from actual collusion while blaming a Republican falsely for collusion.  It would amount to a perfect distraction.


The Week: Links that Caught our Eye



DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife’s Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials

The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It: “Since everyone took Clinton’s victory for granted, journalists assumed extravagant claims alleging an American presidential candidate’s illicit ties to an adversarial power would fade just as the fireworks punctuating Hillary’s acceptance speech would vanish in the cool November evening. And the sooner the stories were forgotten the better, since they frankly sounded kooky, conspiratorial, as if the heirs to the Algonquin round table sported tin-foil hats while tossing back martinis and trading saucy limericks.

Yes, the Trump-Russia collusion media campaign really was delusional and deranged; it really was a conspiracy theory. So after the unexpected happened, after Trump won the election, the Russiagate campaign morphed into something more urgent, something twisted and delirious….But the first vehicles of the Russiagate campaign were not bloggers or recent J-school grads lacking wisdom or guidance to wave off a piece of patent nonsense. They were journalists at the top of their profession—editors-in-chief, columnists, specialists in precisely the subjects that the dossier alleges to treat: foreign policy and national security. They didn’t get fooled. They volunteered their reputations to perpetrate a hoax on the American public.”

Trump’s Debt to Reagan “Mr. Trump counts on prosperity and national security to win over voters who are not attracted by his invocations of unity and “civic duty.” On the evidence of this speech, however, he is eyeing two other old-fashioned Republican programs, internal improvements (infrastructure) and Civil Service reform, that may help to cement a future majority. This “nation of builders” may have some political building to do, too.”

Sally Yates was the real blackmailer: “Yates had hoped to do the bidding of her old Democratic boss and blackmail Trump into firing Flynn. But in the end, she was the one Trump fired. Make no mistake: Yates was no Paul Revere saving the nation from Russian moles. She was a partisan hack trying to save Obama’s liberal legacy. Sperry is author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.””

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