American Affairs Journal


We all welcome the creation of a new quarterly journal which fits the times, and has a mission that will grow with developments–American Affairs.  It is a worthwhile endeavor, and together with the online magazine American Greatness, should satisfy many right leaning and presently homeless intellectuals and consumers looking for smart and more insightful commentary on current events.



Chris Wallace: An Lesson in Why We Loathe ‘Journalists’


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Last night on Tucker Carlson, guest host Adam Henry asked Chris Wallace what he thought of the Trump presser that afternoon. Wallace said that it was clear Trump did not tell the truth because his office was in chaos. When Henry said the president did not say that, Wallace said, well that’s what McCain says.
Gossip. Wallace peddles in gossip. How different is what Wallace does from the National Enquirer? It’s a serious question.  How the hell does McCain know of the internal workings of the White House?  And by the way Chris, did you verify his claims before you passed them off as truth with multiple sources?  
I suppose not.
And they wonder why we don’t believe them anymore.  Chris Wallace is just another so called journalist who actually peddles in rumor and innuendo, while also faking the facts.  Shame on him.  

Chuck Todd Deligitmizes Himself



Apparently, Chuck Todd needs to revisit what the First Amendment means and who is not above it.  Read his tweet, and many others.  He is quite the party hack and the narcissist.

Trump ate the press today, and they deserved every bit of it.