Mueller on a Witch Hunt



Rush lays it out nicely.  Read the entire thing:

Now, the latest bombshell. You said that all hell broke loose in the last 24 hours. The latest supposed bombshell from a leak, from an anonymous source, is that the specialist investigation, Robert Mueller has already expanded to investigate — are you ready for this? — any and all business dealings that Trump has ever had with any Russian. You know, you crack jokes about these people and it ends up being true. Yesterday I said it’s gonna become a crime to talk to anybody who is Russian. The way this is headed, you can’t talk now, the new rules are that if you talk to a Russian, you are guilty of collusion, and you are guilty of obstruction.

And, lo and behold, we have this anonymous source saying the Mueller investigation has expanded to investigate any and all business dealings that Trump has ever had with any Russia. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mueller investigation now includes anybody who’s ever been to Russia that knew Trump. I don’t know about that. It’s tempting to say “I kid you not.” Don’t know for sure.



This will only get worse and uglier, but it is difficult to rouse any defense of the media since they take pride in destroying the lives of non-politicians and citizens for sport.  Ace:

They are ill-parented toddlers–self absorbed, thoughtless, careless, and happy to break anything that doesn’t suit their immediate purpose. These toddlers have found a box of kitchen matches and are busy lighting their sibling’s toys on fire out of spite, oblivious to the danger they’ve created for themselves.

Just as the toddler fails to realize that the fire he’s using can also burn him, so, too, does the media overlook that the very techniques they use can be turned upon them, and quite easily.

This is only the beginning of an ever-growing pushback, one that’s only going to get nastier and more ugly. And everything that happens is on them. This is the rotten, worm infested harvest they have sown and they’re going to be choking on it for some time to come.


Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr linked to investigation group behind salacious Steele Dossier


As noted here:  It is not exactly a smoking gun of her being a plant, but this is just the beginning of the digging.

Mr Veselnitskaya has for several years been leading a campaign to have the act overturned. As part of her effort she allegedly hired GPS Fusion. A complaint filed last year claimed that GPS Fusion headed the pro-Russia campaign to kill the Magnitsky Act.


No, The Donald Trump Jr. Meeting was NOT Illegal



The hystrionic partisan Jake Tapper is claiming, meanwhile, that these emails demonstrate “collusion” without any possible counterargument. Collusion means “cooperation with a corrupt purpose,” and cooperation includes the idea of “working together” or, second definition, “rendering aid.”

Trump Jr. did not offer to work with Russians, nor to render them aid. He stands accused of being willing to do what the media does as its daily trade — listen to a source with possibly interesting information.

The fact that the leftists in the media see this so easily as “collusion” is due to the fact they can only see this from their own vantage point.

Consider: To them, those who voted with all their girlish might for Hillary and who cried when Pennsylvania’s votes were counted, of course Trump Jr. must have been acting on behalf of Russia. Their Narrative is that Russia wanted Hillary to lose; ergo, if Trump Jr. is willing to hear information about Hillary that the media would itself cover up, his only motive would be to help Russia.

The “aid” that he would be rendering Russia is only that of beating Hillary, which they assert is Russia’s whole Nefarious Scheme.

It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that Trump Jr. would have reasons to want to beat Hillary that have noting at all to do with wishing to “help Russia in its scheming.”

Jake Tapper plainly wished Hillary would win — and so did Iran, knowing that Hillary would carry on Obama’s pro-Iran-nuke legacy.

Does that mean all the negative stories that Jake Tapper has run on behalf of Hillary means that he was in “collusion with Iran” — agreeing to cooperate with Iran for a corrupt purpose?

Did he refuse to even mention the Ben Rhodes “Echo Chamber” story so as to further his collusion with Iran?

No, of course not. Iran had an interest in helping Hillary, and Jake Tapper had his own independent interest in helping Hillary. Jake Tapper refused to run the Echo Chamber story, which had the effect of being an “in-kind donation” to Iran, for his own partisan political goals, not specifically to “aid Iran.”